Here we make Small and Medium Enterprises the winner of Blockchain (R)evolution

Together, we will understand and concentrate upon the use cases

The technology

The blockchain technology ensures freedom of action. It allows secure transactions without any reliance upon the external agency. It is considered to bring the „revolution of the Internet“. Intermediaries will be the thing of past. The technology aims to eliminate both classical intermediaries like: insurance companies, energy suppliers, and other intermediary functions of all kinds. Instead of mediation by a central authority, the Blockchain aims to establish direct relationship between various market participants.

With Blockchain technology, every transaction like: securities, monetary, real-estate, properties, copyrights, cars, services, foods, energy and much more, can be done in real time. Not only monetary transaction but political governance can be conducted digitally and securely through Blockchain, by including the same in democratic processes.

What is Blockchain? – the explanatory video of the World Economic Forum

The Innovation Forum

The Innovationsforum Blockchain is a project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aiming to assist German based small and medium-sized businesses to adopt the Blockchain technology. The Innovations Forum will network with enterprises that have already explored this technology for their businesses, and will provide a platform to intensively exchange and deal with this technology in a concrete, application-oriented manner.

Blockchain is comprehensible within the framework of the Innovations Forum. The Innovations Forum will not only answer social and technical questions of the participants but will also identify concrete business applications of the Blockchain technology.

Starting from April, there will be regular workshops on various issues of Blockchain technology, addressing diverse industry need. Experts from various disciplines will be invited to share their knowledge with industry and academic participants. The Innovations Forum partnering with various organisations will organise these workshops.

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A 2-day congress will take place in November 2017 at the city of Hamburg. Location and exact dates are yet to be finalized. The Congress will primarily address the need of small and medium-sized enterprises. This event will bring together participants from the monthly workshops and beyond, for impulsive panel discussions and moderated sessions. The Congress will identify useful application scenarios and business models for implementation of various block-based products. The event will conclude the Innovations Forum.

The Congress will provide platform for exchanging experiences on the Blockchain technology. In addition to this, various project proposals, proofs of concept, research projects, research initiatives, recommendations for legislators and much more will be presented.

The Innovations Forum will enable the innovators to further develop the technology through collaboration and networking with various companies, research labs and academic institutions.

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Please note: With few exceptions, almost every workshop and the Congress will be held in German language.